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Applications for POF

FiberFin, Inc. is unique in that its main business interest is polymer optical fibers (POF). We pride ourselves in our knowledge of POF and worldwide relationships we have established with all the companies and individuals that involved in the plastic fiber optics business. When we started in this business over a decade ago we were amazed with all the different applications for polymer optical fiber POF,  Since then it is only expanded with the great technology of  LED’s electronics, and optics.  We will highlight a few here, but please look at our engineering and application for specific item and / or applications.

Interferometric Sensors

Plastic optical fiber systems can be configured for a wide variety of measurement applications and environments. 

Applications include temperature, pressure, flex, strain, rotation, movement, and chemical composition.  Most fiber optic sensor configurations are based on Fabry-Perot, Mach-Zehnder, Michelson, or Sagnac interferometric systems with fiber specialized for the specific application.  More about these sensors can be read about in the following paper published in 2012,

Because of its large core, POF can withstand shock, vibration, and bends much better than the glass equivalent.  Fiber’s resistance to electromagnetic interference and ability to be placed without high current or voltage allows fiber sensors to be used in sensitive environments copper cannot.  

Medical Applications

In addition to high speed communication in environments sensitive to electromagnetic interference, fiber optics are a part of many sensors that are being developed and used for medical applications to monitor tissue, to monitor chemical factors, and to image patients less invasively than previous techniques.

Patents exist for In Vivo optical systems can monitor tissue in live patients during operation that previously required samples to be removed, passive multicore fiber based endoscopes can be used a flexible tool to safely obtain diagnostic images for a patient, and sensing in laser irradiation treatments.  A paper published by The Journal of Biophotonics in 2013 describes the use of fiber optics in an In Vivo endoscope to help diagnose stomach cancer is available here:

Electromagnetic Interference

One of the big advantages to polymer optical fiber is in the isolation it can give you in any design.  Engineers go to great lengths for galvanic isolations solutions.

POF eliminates any pathway for common-mode noise and in most cases this is a very economical solution. Over the last decade prices for transceivers have dropped significantly along with modern technologies for connector-less solutions like the Optolock®  from Firecomms. With these easy-to-use solutions plastic optical fiber can almost completely eliminate ground loops and noise issues. The standard fiber optic cable usually 2.2 mm in diameter can lay alongside high-voltage power cables without concern for cross talk.

These POF cables are also used in high-voltage areas or where lightning strikes are a problem. They are also sometimes used in isolating POF cameras or security equipment

Sensors, Plastic Optical Fiber

One of the largest and growing markets for polymer optical fiber is sensors, Since POF is so easy to use and relatively inexpensive and with the growing new transceiver technologies,  it is easy to see why POF is an easy option to use.

These fiber optic sensors are used in every form or function from industrial, transportation,  (QC)bench testers, biomedical,  lighting, color, vibration, movement, distance and architectural applications,

Detect, Analyze and Diagnose with Polymer Optical Fiber!

An example of using polymer optical fiber POF is the new product/ technology in power line voltage drop, the sensors are placed on the poles and communicate through wireless to show the end-user  If they have any problems in their line voltage.

FiberFin’s large selection of polymer optical products and its great engineering staff enables us to get the right product for the application to the customer the first time!

Special Fibers, Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)

Unique applications are solved by specialty fibers and its ability to have so many forms is another reason to use polymer optical fiber. Mitsubishi Rayon and their complete line of Eska®  fiber has many stock /inventory sizes that will make it easy for engineers to choose from . One stock item is there imaging fiber, this fiber may have as many as 7000 pixels and is commonly used in the medical industry or in the military. 

FiberFin also offers biocompatible fibers, some of these fibers are very soft and pliable fiber used in the sensor and medical fields, there is high flex multi-core cable fibers that is used in the avionics and in the telecommunications, one example was the old style flip phone. Many of these quality manufacturers like Asahi Kasei can make custom cables to the customer specifications and work with customers like Boeing to make sure they meet all the quality control and standards qualifications.

One of FiberFin’spremier vendors is Chromis Fiber Optic. Chromis has a state-of-the-art UL approved manufacturing facility in Warren, New Jersey and working in conjunction with FiberFin can custom make special cable or fiber to your application.

Active Optical Cables

When we talk about some of the new markets and applications for polymer optical fiber, it’s hard not to talk about active optical cables. This is a great application for the perflorinated graded index fiber that is manufactured by Chromis Fiber Optics. With this HDMI cable, you get great high speed functionality at a very low cost. The current cutting edge HDMI 1.3 gives you a active optical cable using plastic optical fiber and copper wires to deliver 10.2 Gb/sec video bandwidth as well as all the functions of HDMI, which includes 1080 IP resolution, 3-D, deep color, XV color, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD, Master audio, HDMI-CC and HD CP.







POF lighting was very big business in the 70s, 80s and early 90s, but the introduction of LED as a lighting source has flattened the market. But there is a new resurgence of light pipes in the industrial market using an LED base. There is also been a growing business in the automotive for interior lighting as cost is an attractive advantage,  also POF lighting has a very warming, well-liked appearance. FiberFin is your number one source for all your components for POF lighting, we have in stock standard components for 2.2 mm diameter and 3 mm fiber for lenses and LED holders also we can custom make any type of light pipe be in light pipes,

 FiberFin has a full engineering staff that can look at the whole project and figure out which is the best way to go. Please give us a call or email.