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Engineering & Application

FiberFin is a global POF supplier committed to innovation and excellence and is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for POF applications. FiberFin is also known for its work in the industrial standards bodies related to POF. This reputation gives FiberFin a powerful advantage in today's competitive worldwide marketplace. FiberFin would like to share this knowledge with our customers in our Engineering and Applications site to help you get the most out of POF.

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Basic POF Information

This section provides an overview of how Polymer or Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) technology works, its uses, and defines terms commonly used when referring to POF.


POF can be used in many different ways.  Our section on Plastic Optical Fiber applications demonstrated how fiber is currently used to give examples of how POF can be a solution for your own applications.

POF Testing

When selecting which kind of POF to use, many different parameters must be considered to achieve optimum performance.  POF Testing summarizes POF characteristics, reports on durability, and provides techniques to measure the performance of POF.


Many standards have been defined around POF technology to ensure fiber will work as expected and to provide dependable specifications to design new systems around.  We have provided information on the standards used by different industries and the organizations who define them.

POF Specifications

POF Specifications provides descriptions of the different types of POF and a complete list of the fiber and cable FiberFin has to offer with easy links to data sheets and more information.   

Component Specifications (Passive)

Passive plastic fiber optic components assist in guiding and connecting POF without electrical input.  Information and links to data sheets on the passive components we offer can be found here.

Electronic Devices (Active Components)

Active plastic fiber optic components consist of systems of transmitters and receivers that convert electrical information into signals of light or vice-versa.  Here you can find information on some of the electronic devices we offer.

Termination Techniques

FiberFin specializes in finishing plastic optical fiber.  We want to provide information on the different types of termination and how to execute them to help you get the most out of POF.

University Research

White papers and research articles pertaining to POF can be found here.  FiberFin wishes to support education and assist in university research on POF through our University Support Program by providing material and advice. Information on FiberFin's University Support Program can be found here.