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POF Testing

POF Testing
Methods of testing plastic optical fiber and related components

It is important to test fiber optics to insure quality and have a baseline standard to calibrate related components.


Insertion Loss Testing

  • FOTP-171
  • OFSTP-14/OFSTP-7


•Uses one launch reference cable (1) only
•Measures loss of connector mated to the launch cable plus any loss in the fiber itself
•Allows testing each connector separately to diagnose connector faults
•Use for troubleshooting cable plant connector problems.

•OFSTP-14/OFSTP-7 are “double ended” tests for testing installed cable plants
•Measures loss of connectors on both ends plus anything in between
•Requires two reference cables

•How do you set reference?  =

•Method B: with one reference cable (the launch cable)
•Method A: with two cables (launch and receive cables)
•Method C: with three cables (launch, receive and a “golden” reference cables)
•When/why do you use each method?
•Method B: test equipment matches cable plant connectors
•Method A: test equipment not compatible, male connectors
•Method C: test equipment not compatible, male/female connectors
•Some connectors do not mate with other connectors, just attach to transmitters and receivers
•Use a “cable substitution test”
•Attach known good cable (reference) between meter and source, measure = “0 dB ref”
•Remove and attach cable to test, measure difference