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The FiberFin® Process

FiberFin has experience!
FiberFin= the name comes from Fiber Finish

We use that name as our marquee as we were the first to use an alternative method to finish plastic optical fiber other than hand polishing.   FiberFin has been a leader in the plastic optical fiber industry here in the United States and has helped shape many of the things related the plastic optical fiber cable assemblies, and termination equipment that is specifically designed for Polymer Optical Fiber.

We have worked with many standards organizations over the last decade helping to implement the uses of POF in many applications. Our design team has over 50 years of combined experience in designing custom POF connectors, finishing equipment, automation, and specialized tooling. FiberFin holds multiple patents that are specific to the POF industry helping many leading companies use POF with their products and helping them design into their applications plastic optical fiber. Let our FiberFin team help yours! Our manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art using the world's best equipment and our own specialized FiberFin termination equipment. We have seven manufacturing lines that can process polymer optical fiber.  We can pass this expertise along to our customers and give them the best value in our cable assemblies.

Here is a list of our equipment:

Automatic Inline Cable Processing Using Schleuniger Automatic Cut & Strip Machine Lines

  • - PowerStrip 9500 POF rotary saw* with pre-feeder PF2500 and automated cable coiler CC2000
  • - PowerStrip 9500 P  with pre-feeder PF2200 and cable coiler CC1000
  • - PowerStrip 9500 P with pre-feeder PF2000 and FiberFin cable coiler
  • - OmiStrip 9450 with pre-feeder PF1000 and FiberFin cable coiler

* The rotary saw cuts the cable to length instead of the standard axial cutting V-blades of the PowerStrip 9500. Depending on the material, the saw can be equipped with a variety of saw blade types and can be set up with the rotational speed and feed rate necessary for best cutting results in terms of surface smoothness, processing speed and burr-free wire and cable ends.

 Schleuniger automated processing equipment is used at FiberFin because of its high-end solutions for fully integrated inline processing of polymer optical fiber and cable. FiberFin is the right choice for your cable production needs.


FiberFin has its own unique line of automated equipment that can handle any application. Here is a list for your review:

  • - FiberFin cut to length re-spool machine: enabling us to spool made to order custom fiber lengths.
  • - FiberFin fully automated to length machine: specializing in very short light pipes and specialized medical applications
  • - FiberFin fully automated six station finishing machine, specializing in complete traceability of every cable assembly

Let FiberFin be your custom manufacturer for your value added polymer optical fiber needs.

  • - FiberFin 140: (2) FiberFin have two versions of this custom finishing machine in our manufacturing facility that can finish up to 140 mm in diameter. Using our own FiberFin cryo-finishing procedures we can meet our customers needs.


  • - Crimping pneumatic machines: (7) utilizing six Schleuniger CT-42 in our facility that utilize our crimp and swage patented technologies.
  • - FiberFin 4 (10) production diamond finishing machines for maximum output and consistency.
  • - Hotplate Automation: (1) FiberFin custom-designed hot-plate automation system to control temperature at all ranges of the melting process to increase quality and speed Primarily designed for the SMI connector.
  • - Video microscope: (1) with inspection software gives FiberFin the unique opportunity to inspect and pass along job specific photos
  • - Load/tensile testing: (1) AMADA 220 lb rated test station with all associated tooling
  • - DB loss testing: (2) Advanced Fiber Solutions testing equipment working at 650 nm/850 nm with all associated couplers and test cables.
  • - Ultrasonic Welder, (1) Herrmann 20 kHz, 2000 Watts: Time and distance
  • - Custom ferrule drilling: FiberFin designed Semi-automation ferrule drilling
  • - Brady labeling equipment (2) IP-300 / TSL

FiberFin utilizes Brady’s world leading technology in hardware, software, and label technology for all our cable assemblies.


Give us a call. You won’t be disappointed!