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Ultra Low Loss Razor Blade Termination


FiberFin No Polishing Termination

 Professional hand tool series

 FF-STD-2 professional hand tool


"Hand tool compression cutting" The "All in one" tool for 1mm x 2.2mm POF cable


This tool was tailored made for the installer so that they have one tool that can do all the jobs of installation". The FiberFin hand tool can terminate the fiber without polishing; strip the jacket to the proper length with consistent results every time, which is a must for the professional installer. The termination is done by clamping the POF cable into place and then squeezing it and then a very precise round razor blade can cut the cable with a scissor like action without damaging the fiber. Damage to the fiber is a very common occurrence when you try to just cut POF with a normal razor blade, The exit cut will chip the fiber and cladding and the cut will not be as precise and perpendicular as with the FiberFin termination system that has a average attenuation loss 1.0 –1.5 db. The special blade on the FiberFin "all In One Tool" is mounted on a gear assembly that rotates the blade every time you cut a fiber so that you get even wear on the cutting blade and very constant fiber termination results. After 1270 cuts the cutting assembly will stop and prevent the usage of the unit, at this time you are able to put on the replacement cutting head. The FiberFin's cutting system is a safe way to handle termination of POF as the cutting system is enclosed and user friendly.



"Ultra Low Loss razor cutting" The "All in one" tool for POF connectors and 1mm x 2.2mm POF cable

New POF Connector Cutters  ( ***No more polishing!)

What's so different


What's so different about these razor cutters and everything else that's out there from other manufacturers?


 As smart man once told me "it's on the details",   and in this particular case the details are the razor blade and how its positioned.

That's why FiberFin has a patent application for this tool as it is very unique on how it works in the results that gives, These tools have the best finish of any razor cutter! Period.

  • This is an All in one tool with the following features:
  • Average attenuation loss of -0.8 –1.2 db
  • Strips the jacket off the fiber, (rotary strip)
  • Slits the duplex zip cord webbing
  • Holds the connector (each tool is designed for a specific connector) for easy termination.  
  • Very consistent results
  • Safe cutting system that is very user friendly


What does the new FiberFin style of cutter give you?

•Using standard 1mm step index  POF
•Up to an additional  1db per termination*
•Addition length, 5  to 15 meters of Addition length **
•Or Extra  bends

*    Based on the average termination of  2-3 db. loss in typical razor cutter

** Base on the Transmission loss of SI-POF of .160db/m  and .170db/meter with 2 terminations

*** Based on RX or TX applications


•Average Attenuation loss -0.8 –1.2 db.
Can handle 9 different connector types, HFBR-4501z, HFBR-4511z, HFBR-4503z, HFBR-4513z, HFBR-4506z, HFBR-4516z, HFBR-4531z, HFBR-4532z, and HFBR-4533z
•Strips the Jacket off the fiber, (rotary strip)
•Slits the duplex zip cord webbing
•Holds the connector for easy termination
•Average Attenuation loss -0.8 –1.2 dB
•Can handle the SMA 905 type connectors, part #’s  FF-SMA1000, FF-SSMA1000, FF-SMA0750, FF-SMA0500, FF-SPSMA1000-A and the FF-SPSMA1000-L-2.2
•Strips the Jacket off the fiber, (rotary strip)
•Holds the connector for easy termination